Chakra Phoenix 2012.01

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Chakra


What is better to call my personal development releases Phoenix? If a test-cycle ends new ideas come to mind and they rise form the ashes again. Just like my development releases with ideas which might go into the main-release.

To clarify, those releases have nothing to do with the development of the upcoming Chakra release (which will follow after KDE/Qt 4.8 move to the stable repo’s), nor has the naming or wallpaper any resemblance with the naming scheme/artwork that has been decided on in the Chakra team. I create those install-medias to test personal development before merging it with the main-git-repos after the Chakra team gives me their go.

I’ll update this thread time to time with new links to images I’ll release.

Download Link

Current Release Note


This is a internal test-install-media by Phil Miller.
Don't use it for productiv use!
With this release KDE is updated to 4.7.4, kernel to Linux 3.2.2.
All extra-modules got rebuild accordingly.

Read the "Build Notes" for further information.


Changes in core:

* Kernel updates for 3.2 series
* Initscripts updates
* Integration of grub2
* kmod replaces module-init-tools

Changes in platform:

* Several package updates
* add /etc/nvidia-drv.conf

Changes in desktop:

* KDE SC updated to 4.7.4

Changes in Apps:

* Several package updates

System Requirements

* a Intel Pentium II or higher processor or AMD64-ready CPU for 64bit
* 512MiB (1024MiB recommneded) of RAM for running the live system
and 1024MiB of RAM for the installation
* around 3 Gib of available hard disk space, 5 Gib for DVD install
* a screen capable of 1024 x 600 or higher resolution
* a reasonably fast internet connection, e.g. no modem
(would be too slow)

Most noticeable changes & additions since Aida


* Kernel-3.2.2 with lzma2 support
* aufs3-20120109 kernel integrated
* KDE SC 4.7.4
* Xorg-Server 1.10.4
* Mesa 7.11
* Catalyst-11.11
* NVidia-295 and NVidia legacy series

Known issues

* html5 not working on nvidia non-free, unless switching to a different
phonon backend, all other gfx are correct in html5
* just as with Edn-2011.11 rtl8192-ce wifi might still have issues,
loosing connections, not finding, or only finding a few connections.
* when choosing the second tab in the welcome-plasmoid, text will
overflow. For aesthetics, the current lay-out is the nicest,
reasonable size on start-up of live mode. Clicking on another tab,
will clean the text overflow. The text in that one tab is too
important for finally trying to stop misconceptions about Chakra.

I expect some more ... Tell me when you find them ...


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