Whats going on ?!?

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Chakra, Uncategorized

Well, it is long time ago I posted on my blog. My private life got busy and also Chakra GNU/Linux envolves alot.
Milestone 3 of Edn is leaked into the net but far from final. Even development snapshots I want to have stable as possible.

Same goes for the linux-kernel. We still have the 2.6.39 kernel in stable. 3.0.1 is out now. I had a problem with my 5.1 audio card just getting stereo out of it. This seems to be fixed now, so I consider to switch also to the brand new 3 series.

Anke, Manuel and other developers already run some personal 3 series builds on their PCs.

Some might know of takeoff our new launcher plasmoid. Take part on the discussion if we should make it default in Edn or one of our next stable releases.

takeoff with effects

Keep on rolling 😉


  1. STiAT says:

    Leaked? If the Edn MS3 was “leaked”, chakra is the first ship to leak from the top :D.

  2. Hey please don’t make take off as default actually shouldn’t matter we can change it right ? Btw lancelot is lot better to navigate.I just don’t think having whole screen occupied by launcher is not very good thing.

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