I’m out

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Stuff

This morning my power supply died after 4 years hard work. I’m left with a broken pc. My second one misses a graphic card and my netbook is too small … Will see when I’m back to code for chakra …

Here the frankenstein I created:

The disaster ...
The disaster from top …

The disaster from the other side...
The other way around …

What is broken...
This died on me …

So I need a MircroATX FSP300-62GLS with 3x Floppy-Power, 2x Sata-Power, 1x P4-Power and a 24 Motherboard-Power Connector. Seems I’ll get it only from the net.

Will ask around …

  1. Gallaecio says:

    Sh*t, hope it doesn’t take long. You should see what you can do with the netbook, anyway šŸ™‚

  2. philmchakra says:

    Sometimes you are so stupied. I work in a Electronic Shop and don’t get that I’ve almost the needed thing in store:


  3. philmchakra says:

    I bought this power-supply now and gave the other stuff back. Lenovo Nettop was to slow for Chakra and didn’t even detect both Network cards. Played two hours with it but never worked.

    My PC will be back in his beauty tonight. Glad that MicroATX wasn’t so hard after all to find here. Connection adapters we created our own. All the needed parts I had in the shop.

    Just put it together and here we go again …

  4. philmchakra says:

    Back in full glory. The new powersupply is build in and my PC is back where he was šŸ˜‰

  5. JoLon says:

    That power supply cost 63euros!?! that’s seems outrageously expensive to me. *shrugs* VAT instead of income tax explains it perhaps….

    also, love my chakra. thanks for all the hard work.

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