Chakra 0.3.1pre1 online

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Chakra

Welcome to the year 2011.
I managed to create a new image for testing. Currently 0.3.0 has followed big issues:

  • some wifi adapters don’t work after installation
  • grub only installs on hd0
  • sometimes you get a black screen instead of KDE SC

    I like to know if 0.3.1pre1 fixes those issues.

    So what changed:

  • Kernel updated to
  • Catalyst updated to 10.12
  • Grub gets auto-installed to the right partition now (hd0 hardcode removed)

    File for each bug you find file a separate bug-report here:

    Download image

    chakra-0.3.1pre1 x32
    chakra-0.3.1pre1 x32 (md5)

    Download xdelta patch

    chakra-0.3.1pre1 x32 (xdelta)
    chakra-0.3.1pre1 x32 (md5)
    chakra-0.3.1pre1 x32 (readme)

  • Comments
    1. How can I translate the web of Chakra to galician?
      Thanks for improving Chakra everyday

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