Chakra xdelta online

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Chakra

I managed to push out another new xdelta of the live-cd image. This time I updated the kernel with some fixes for athk5 driver. Composite is still reactivated – this might create some troubles with some FOSS drivers. Don’t worry about the progressbar during bootloader install. We will fix it soon so you’ll see some progress. Last image I tested. This one should just work. Tell me if otherwise …


  • burg support added (tested and working)
  • burg uses os-prober to detect windows and co (tested and works)
  • tribe-backend simplified (tested and it seems no issues yet)
  • kernel updated to with some wlan fixes (needs confirm)
  • Get the xdelta from here:
    chakra-0.3.0-to- (md5)

    Also read the readme file to know how to apply this …

    1. rogerc says:

      I’ve tested the install, choosing no direct access and direrent root password and Windows got added to grub. However:
      – Keyboard layout is not properly set and falls back to us insteed of my keyboard layout (according to the locale choosen in Tribe)
      – The installed system won’t boot up. Error is “Cannot open theme file /usr/share/apps/kdm/themes/$(_theme)”. I’ve seen all the neda themes where installed on the system, however.

      Except for that, the system works great.

    2. rogerc says:

      Sorry, forgot to say that the time was set to UTC instead of the right time for the zone.

    3. philmchakra says:

      This image is just for testing burg. We changed also the backend which has some upstream bugs. For installing chakra it is recommended to use 0.3.0 for now …

    4. KillJoy says:

      Ciao Phil, Today is 13/03/2011
      I wanted to know if the iimagine. supported iso is still good and I usually use chakra stable but I wanted to try your distro to test burg and if any need to report bugs.
      Let me know if it’s better if they can install and burg in the stable or if you prefer to use yours. iso burg ok
      Sorry for my English but I used google translator
      Take care my friend hello ew chakra and kde rulez

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