Only some hours to Chakra 0.3.0

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Chakra

The crew worked hard over the past few days. We built and compiled like maniacs to get tribe shaped for Chakra 0.3.0. Today there was a RC2 planned, that we skip. We go for gold and will create Chakra 0.3.0 images for Monday.

Packages install page

Tribe got several new features last minute:

* full localisations for catalan, german, spansih, italian
* cleaner partitioner with option to start kde-partitioner
* new user page to add accounts to your installed chakra system with avatars and full names
* option to install packages and bundles to customize your installed chakra system
* cleaner initrd creation
* lot’s of bugfixes we found the past days

  1. Michael says:

    Just noticed your distro, read all your info, very much enthused to try it. If I try and like something, I donate. That’s just me. I try not to freeload. I may pirate, but if I find something useful I try to buy, and if it’s “free”, I try to show some appreciation (probably less than deserved, but I actually do try). I wish you success.

  2. philmchakra says:

    Thx Michael. We are at the final steps to get Chakra 0.3.0 out. Last couple of days where hectic here. Only final touches are missing and we are good to go.

  3. ivanblago says:

    Great distro, great KDE, great work…keep it up well!!!

    Success is inevitable πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Serbia! πŸ™‚

  4. philmchakra says:

    So I uploaded 0.3pre for testing the new tribe version. We will fix bundles-download for the final release.


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