Ashoc and ATI

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Chakra

We all know that current testing-repositories have some issues with ATI. So I found some time to test at work lots of laptops using different ATI graphic cards.

Lets start with the 4k series:

EMachine G640 – ATI HD4250: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – OK
EMachine G630 – ATI HD4200: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – OK

The 5k series was not so good. Most laptops booted up just fine with the FOSS drivers. During some switchable graphics features of newer 5k graphic cards catalyst had problems or didn’t boot up. Resulted in black screens or shut down the whole machine.

Asus K72Dr – ATI HD5470: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – SD
Acer 4820TZG – ATI HD5470: FOSS ATI – OK#1; Catalyst – BS#1
EMachine G640G – ATI HD545470: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – SD
PB MS2290 – ATI HD5650: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – BS/SD
PB LM86 – ATI HD5650: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – BS#1

Then we have some new laptops in stock with the brand new HD500 series. Here the results:

Samsung R540 – ATI HD545V: FOSS ATI – OK; Catalyst – GF#1
MSI CX620MX – ATI HD545V: FOSS ATI – OK#1; Catalyst – BS#1

Now to the legend:

OK: Everything is as expected
OK#1: It works but NEDA-theme and desktop viewer is missing somehow
GF#1: The display showed graphic failure, might damage the gfx.
BS#1: ATI won’t boot but tty is available. Mostly resulted in “switchable graphics”-error ((EE) fglrx(0): Please disable switchable-graphics feature and configure the discrete card as the default adapter.)
SD: Display is black. Not possible to switch to tty. PC is frozen.

This results in a new question: Does it happen also with 0.2.3? I hope is coming soon …

  1. philmchakra says:

    With further research I found out, that some newer laptops have two graphic cards installed: Intel/ATI. There is a wiki post how to install them both. On default both graphic cards run on full speed and produce lot of heat. Go to the BIOS and select “integrated” for Intel and “discrete” for ATI before booting up my LiveCD.

  2. ROSHA says:

    hey phil
    i dont know that is it right for asking question here or not…
    but i have problem with my ATI 5650 and catalyst driver

    when i have kwin compositing , X cpu usage is between 30% and 80% and its fan rounding very fast…

    do you have any soloution to fix it ?

    i have Xorg 1.9.4 and catalyst 11.3 on my arch box

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