Release Plan for Ashoc (0.3.0)

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Chakra
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I’m glad that we have now the final release plan for Ashoc:

2010.11.21 – – [ashoc] (Minimal-Edition only – kde 4.5.3) Ashoc Beta3
2010.12.05 – – [ashoc] (Minimal-Edition only – kde 4.5.4) Ashoc RC1
2010.12.12 – – [ashoc] (Minimal-Edition only – kde 4.5.4) Ashoc RC2
2010.12.19 – 0.3.0 – [ashoc] (Minimal-Edition only – kde 4.5.4) third rls

Some more news:

We had to move LVM-Support to one of our next releases, you won’t find it in Ashoc.
The new User-Page and cleanups plus translations will find their way into Tribe 0.3-Series.
Also the new kernel and xorg-stack will be moved to stable with Ashoc.

Stay tuned to read more about Ashoc …

  1. gcala says:

    Thanks to your blog I got the roadmap that probably miss in forums/irc!

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