Bye bye Chakra

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Stuff

Smash it, Baby!!!Since almost half a year I left the Chakra Project. Currently I’m working with Roland Singer and Guillaume Benoit on Manjaro Linux. Follow me on my new blog.



Chakra Base Installation (v0.1)

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Chakra

This weekend I coded a little program called tribe-cli. With it you can install Chakra GNU/Linux from a console/terminal and you’re still able to use a UI. It is not finished yet but supports the basic features:

  • create root account
  • install system on target
  • automatic partitioning
  • manual partitioning
  • pre/post-install feature
  • network setup
  • options to edit system files

Tell me what you think about it. Maybe I find time and develop this little weekend project further …

Chakra 2012.02 (Archimedes)

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Chakra

After working on KDE 4.8.0 for a good 2 1/2 months, bug-fixing with KDE and the last few weeks without KDE, it looks KDE 4.8.0 is almost ready to move to stable. That move will only happen if we can get a solid ISO out as this first release of Archimedes.

From now on, the names used tied to a major KDE release are based on famous engineers, so the start is with what most consider one of the earliest engineers, Archimedes.

The first test ISO is up, CD version, x86_64 (more will follow today and tomorrow), and as always, we need the help of all in the test-squad to find as many issues as possible, and let us know, when you all think an ISO is good. This first one does not have the correct release notes yet, it is not fully decided what apps will go on the DVD, so it still needs adjusting for that.

What needs extra attention:
– Marble, the biggest obstacle in getting KDE 4.8 ready (marble tests are done in Tribe too)
– GRUB2, this is the first ISO switched to it, make sure any other OS is detected correctly
– nvidia non-free, check with as many apps as possible, we need to make sure the used driver is stable enough
– hibernate/suspend on catalyst non-free, see if it is compatible with linux 3.2.2
– fstab created on new install, check if new filesystem package fixed the /tmp creation issue
– the omission of broadcom-wl (in-kernel drivers should work now)

Chakra Phoenix 2012.01

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Chakra


What is better to call my personal development releases Phoenix? If a test-cycle ends new ideas come to mind and they rise form the ashes again. Just like my development releases with ideas which might go into the main-release.

To clarify, those releases have nothing to do with the development of the upcoming Chakra release (which will follow after KDE/Qt 4.8 move to the stable repo’s), nor has the naming or wallpaper any resemblance with the naming scheme/artwork that has been decided on in the Chakra team. I create those install-medias to test personal development before merging it with the main-git-repos after the Chakra team gives me their go.

I’ll update this thread time to time with new links to images I’ll release.

Download Link

Current Release Note


This is a internal test-install-media by Phil Miller.
Don't use it for productiv use!
With this release KDE is updated to 4.7.4, kernel to Linux 3.2.2.
All extra-modules got rebuild accordingly.

Read the "Build Notes" for further information.


Changes in core:

* Kernel updates for 3.2 series
* Initscripts updates
* Integration of grub2
* kmod replaces module-init-tools

Changes in platform:

* Several package updates
* add /etc/nvidia-drv.conf

Changes in desktop:

* KDE SC updated to 4.7.4

Changes in Apps:

* Several package updates

System Requirements

* a Intel Pentium II or higher processor or AMD64-ready CPU for 64bit
* 512MiB (1024MiB recommneded) of RAM for running the live system
and 1024MiB of RAM for the installation
* around 3 Gib of available hard disk space, 5 Gib for DVD install
* a screen capable of 1024 x 600 or higher resolution
* a reasonably fast internet connection, e.g. no modem
(would be too slow)

Most noticeable changes & additions since Aida


* Kernel-3.2.2 with lzma2 support
* aufs3-20120109 kernel integrated
* KDE SC 4.7.4
* Xorg-Server 1.10.4
* Mesa 7.11
* Catalyst-11.11
* NVidia-295 and NVidia legacy series

Known issues

* html5 not working on nvidia non-free, unless switching to a different
phonon backend, all other gfx are correct in html5
* just as with Edn-2011.11 rtl8192-ce wifi might still have issues,
loosing connections, not finding, or only finding a few connections.
* when choosing the second tab in the welcome-plasmoid, text will
overflow. For aesthetics, the current lay-out is the nicest,
reasonable size on start-up of live mode. Clicking on another tab,
will clean the text overflow. The text in that one tab is too
important for finally trying to stop misconceptions about Chakra.

I expect some more ... Tell me when you find them ...

Whats going on ?!?

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Chakra, Uncategorized

Well, it is long time ago I posted on my blog. My private life got busy and also Chakra GNU/Linux envolves alot.
Milestone 3 of Edn is leaked into the net but far from final. Even development snapshots I want to have stable as possible.

Same goes for the linux-kernel. We still have the 2.6.39 kernel in stable. 3.0.1 is out now. I had a problem with my 5.1 audio card just getting stereo out of it. This seems to be fixed now, so I consider to switch also to the brand new 3 series.

Anke, Manuel and other developers already run some personal 3 series builds on their PCs.

Some might know of takeoff our new launcher plasmoid. Take part on the discussion if we should make it default in Edn or one of our next stable releases.

takeoff with effects

Keep on rolling 😉


KDE 4.6.1 LiveCD

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Chakra

The Chakra Development Team is proud to announce
another snapshot release of our testing repositories.
This is a testbuild and should not be used for productive use.

This will bring you some updates:

  • Kernel 2.6.37 series
  • Xorg 7.6 Stack with Mesa 7.10 and Xorg-Server 1.9.4
  • Updated Xorg Drivers
  • KDE SC 4.6.1
  • Updated chakra tools
  • fixed chakra-initscripts
  • Yapan added
  • Quick-Usbformatter added
  • UFW as default firewall added

Read the “Build Notes” for further information.


Tribe stripped down

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Chakra

Hi guys,

I did another testbuild for our testing-repositories. I coded a little tribe and removed some unstable stuff:


Changes in tribe:
* Config Page: Package installation removed (was to unstable)
* Partition Page: Remove of the functions new, delete, partition table

Changes in chakra initscripts:
* Fixed aufs2.1 issues (mtab)
* sysinit display corrected


* Kernel- with lzma support
* aufs2-20110207 kernel integrated
* KDE SC 4.6.0
* Xorg-Server 1.9.4
* Catalyst-11.2
* NVidia-260 and NVidia legacy series